Feb 26 2012

GWOT bi-weekly round-up February 26


Paul Miller questions Obama’s policy towards Afghanistan.


Harry’s Place looks at Qatar’s decision to host a conference of anti-semites.

Saudi Arabia

The Arabist looks at protests in Saudi Arabia.


J.E.Dyer looks at Obama’s “active” support for those struggling against Assad. Spencer Ackerman looks at concerns about Syria’s WMD’s.
Anne-Marie Slaughter
calls for more direct intervention.
Lawrence Haas
praises journalists who operate in war-zones, like Marie Colvin.
looks at Saudi proposals for arming anti-Assad fighters.
Michael Weiss
argues that any negotiation with Assad and his regime would be futile.
Emile Nakhleh
believes Western intervention is a matter of time.

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Adam Brown is editorial manager for the War on Terror blog series at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He holds a BA in International Relations and a MSc in Human Rights with a focus on cyber security and rights.
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