Africa and China: At a crossroads in Angola

As we continue our series looking at the future of Sino-Africa relations, LSE’s Ana Cristina Alves gives us the view from Angola. The close relationship between China and Angola in the post-conflict era is mostly explained by the emergence of their growing mutual economic interests. China’s “going out” policy, driven by its expanding financial might and growing thirst for markets […]

Angola e China: numa encruzilhada?

Na continuação da nossa série de analises sobre o futuro das relações Sino-Africanas, Ana Cristina Alves da LSE e SAIIA , relata-nos o ponto da vista de Angola. A intensa relação entre a China e Angola no pós-guerra explica-se principalmente pelo surgimento  de interesses económicos complementares. A globalizacao da economia chinesa potenciada pelo seu crescente poder financeiro e pela procura de […]

Africa and China: How it all began

This is the first of a series of articles looking at one of the most talked about issues in Africa right now – China’s ever-burgeoning investment in the continent. In this post, LSE’s Dr Chris Alden looks at how China’s interest in Africa was born. The rise of China, from a stalwart of revolution in the 1950s to its emergence as a […]

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