What I Learned From the Reproducibility Project

By Heather Kappes
If you’re interested in behavioural science, you’re probably familiar with the Reproducibility Project: Psychology (RP). This compilation of 100 direct replications of psychology studies, published in 2015, has garnered a lot of attention: it was named #8 of Top 100 Stories of 2015 by Discover Magazine, #6 by Science News, #5 in Altmetric100, Nature Magazine’s Top […]

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Inside the Nudge Unit: the BIT at the LSE

By Matteo Galizzi 

After the summer break and the exciting talk by Max Bazerman (Harvard Business School), another great event has marked the start of the new academic year behavioural initiatives at the LSE.

David Halpern, the CEO of The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT), came to the LSE on Tuesday 15th September to present his new book, Inside the Nudge Unit – […]

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Max Bazerman talks Morality

By Jeroen Nieboer 

On September the 1st, we had the honour of welcoming professor Max Bazerman from Harvard Business School for a talk. The topic of his talk was “The Morality of Joint versus Separate Decisions” and was jointly organised by LSE and the London Behavioural Economics Network (LBEN).

Over the course of his impressive career, Max Bazerman has made key contributions to our […]

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