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Warning: the cost of Brexit could seriously damage your health service

Leaving the EU would free up more money for the NHS, according to Leave campaigners. This pledge has been all but disowned – and in any case, writes Joan Costa Font (LSE), Brexit will impose further costs on an already cash-strapped service. The biggest effect will be on wage bills, but it will also restrict choice for Britons and raise procurement costs.

Healthcare and […]

Unlike Brexit, the Catalonian independence movement is very pro-EU. But will the EU accept it?

The crisis in Catalonia has thrown into a sharp relief the choice facing the European Union, writes Joan Costa i Font (LSE). Spain should quickly offer a binding referendum on Catalonian independence. If Catalonians reject an EU-backed offer, there could be an orderly secession. The Catalonian independence movement is not like Brexit: most Catalonian parties are keen to be part […]