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    What policy do British voters want on EU immigration? Is there a hidden consensus?

What policy do British voters want on EU immigration? Is there a hidden consensus?

Very few British people know about restrictions on freedom of movement allowed under existing EU regulations. Yet when they learn about the EU’s “three-month rule”, two-thirds (64%) say it would provide “enough control” over EU immigration. And 67% say that they would support the introduction of ID cards if it meant the authorities could enforce restrictions applied in other […]

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    The Lib Dems are right – revoking Article 50 is a winning proposition

The Lib Dems are right – revoking Article 50 is a winning proposition

The Lib Dems are right to have promised to revoke Article 50, writes Phil Syrpis (University of Bristol). Revocation would ‘make it stop’ – an appealing proposition for those weary of Brexit and who want to focus on domestic politics. Labour should follow suit.

It now looks as though the UK will be heading towards a pre-Brexit general election. Notwithstanding […]

Why we need a Democracy Protection Act before the general election

With a general election imminent, Ewan McGaughey (King’s College London) argues that a new law is urgently needed to stop the poll being swung by stolen data, foreign donations and Russian interference.

Young people and Brexit: the implications for the far-right and Scottish independence

Since the EU referendum, the narrative of an inter-generational divide has emerged, with the country’s older pro-Leave generation thought to be at odds with a younger, pro-Remain generation. Rakib Ehsan (Henry Jackson Society) investigated these intra-generational differences and suggests that failure to deliver Brexit may provide a boost for far-right organisations, but that a disruptive no-deal Brexit has the […]

Categories, stereotypes, and political identities: the use of Brexiter and Remainer in online comments

Joanne Meredith (University of Wolverhampton) and Emma Richardson (University of Leicester) examine how the terms Brexiter and Remainer were used by online commenters during and after the referendum. They find that the two are seen as political categories in their own right, and the commenters resisted other, well-defined political identities, such as Conservative or Labour supporters.
Commentary around Brexit highlighted political and social […]

Labour cannot be a party of Remain if it is serious about radical change

Brexit has energised the centrist political forces that want to remain in the EU, but they have little to show for their efforts. Michael Wilkinson (LSE) argues that Labour should avoid flirting with Remainism if it wants to be the party of radical change and defeat Boris Johnson.

The divisions underlying Brexit are deep and complex, and cut across various […]

Proponents of the new Bill to stop No Deal face a significant dilemma over Queen’s Consent

MPs opposed to a no-deal Brexit have now published their Bill. Robert Craig (LSE) explains why the existence of Queen’s Consent means that they face a complex legal Catch-22 in their efforts to stop the Prime Minister. This post has been updated after the MPs’ bill was made public.

MPs who wish to prevent No Deal have decided that their […]

The next few days will reveal where the heart of power lies in the British constitution

The government argues that the courts have no part to play in the row over prorogation, and that it is a matter for Parliament and the executive alone. But what happens when the executive has suspended Parliament? Joelle Grogan (Middlesex University) says a constitutional crisis now looks imminent.
On 18 July, I wrote on LSE Brexit that prorogation was a […]

Quick take: is the EU Settlement Scheme going to plan?

EU citizens in the UK have to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme in order to stay in the UK. Barbara Drozdowicz (Eastern European Resource Centre) says around three-quarters of them have yet to apply – and Poles, and people living outside England, have particularly low rates.

The most recent release of statistics about applications for EU settled status bring […]

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Threat of prorogation: what can the Commons do?

The Prime Minister has requested and received consent for the current parliament to be prorogued, and plans to introduce a new Queen’s Speech before the Brexit deadline of 31 October. David Howarth (University of Cambridge) assesses the options available for those wishing to oppose this and enable the Commons to prevent a no-deal Brexit.

Boris Johnson’s plan to advise the Queen to […]