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    Only a new unity government can effectively avert a no-deal Brexit

Only a new unity government can effectively avert a no-deal Brexit

If the UK is not to crash out of the European Union with no deal, Jonathan Boston (LSE) argues that the previous one-party political control of the executive will need to be temporarily suspended. There is a clear majority view of the House of Commons that any withdrawal from the EU must be an agreed and orderly one, with clear succession […]

To deal or not to deal: these are the questions

Why is the new government prepared to countenance no deal, when it would be so damaging to Britain? Iain Begg (LSE) says the question is not whether but how much it would harm the country.

To judge by the early pronouncements of the Johnson government, a ‘no-deal’ Brexit is not only worth contemplating, but could well occur. Although both sides […]

Don’t be fooled: the last thing Johnson wants is a no-deal Brexit

Boris Johnson’s tack to no deal is aimed at neutralising the threat from the Brexit Party and triggering a general election, argues Dimitri Zenghelis (LSE). Whatever the outcome of that election, he can avoid the terminal damage that a no-deal exit would inflict on his premiership.

Last month, I argued that as Prime Minister Boris Johnson would have no interest in a […]

Is Boris Johnson’s Brexit posturing just a power play?

Boris Johnson said the chances of no deal were ‘a million to one’. His government is also actively preparing for it. Phil Syrpis (University of Bristol) argues that the new PM’s true intention is likely to be to hold a general election as soon as possible.

The new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has promised that the UK will leave the […]

Prime Minister Johnson has appointed a no-deal Cabinet

After Parliament successfully ended May’s hopes of securing her version of Brexit, Britain now has a new Prime Minister and a new government, all with less than 95 days to go until the UK is due to leave the European Union. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Cabinet reshuffle has been characterised as brutal, but what does the new Cabinet mean […]

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    Long read | The powerful psychological rationale behind the desire for a no-deal Brexit

Long read | The powerful psychological rationale behind the desire for a no-deal Brexit

There is a paradox. Why, as the evidence that a no-deal exit will do serious and lasting damage to the United Kingdom has become stronger, do the advocates of Brexit increasingly assert that a “clean break” no-deal departure is the only way forward, and the only real way to deliver on the 2016 referendum result? The answer is that […]

Trying to stop Johnson proroguing Parliament would take time – which we don’t have

Proroguing Parliament to force a no-deal Brexit would not in itself bring about a constitutional crisis, writes Joelle Grogan (Middlesex University). But if Johnson ignores the will of Parliament, or if parliamentarians fight back with an alternative Parliament, it would. John Major and Gina Miller have said they will seek a judicial review if Boris Johnson tries to prorogue, […]

No deal is not in Johnson’s interest. The threat of a second referendum might be

For Boris Johnson, writes Dmitri Zenghelis (LSE), survival trumps principle every time. That means he has nothing to gain from a no-deal outcome. If he becomes PM, he may even make it clear that the price of another defeat for May’s deal in Parliament would be a second referendum – something Brexiteers will not want to risk.

Boris Johnson, Britain’s […]

WTO rules OK? Not any more

Many Brexiteers see the WTO as a desirable framework for the UK’s trade. Donald Trump dislikes it. Steven Woolcock (LSE) explains how the WTO has been undermined by outdated rules, US trade policy and China’s support for its own industries. It looks like rather a poor alternative to negotiating agreements with major markets.

Two developments are seen as evidence of […]

WTO tariffs in a no-deal Brexit: what the impact would be

The government has announced it will cut many tariffs to zero in the event of a no-deal Brexit. Edgar Morgenroth (Dublin City University) explains why it is so keen to avert the economic blow that reverting to WTO tariffs would deal to the UK economy. It would be over four and a half times worse for the UK than the […]