Analysis of measurement tools and initiatives

The first step of Measuring Business & Human Rights has been to identify the most relevant tools and initiatives that feature business and human rights indicators. You can find the results of our research here.

The long list of initiatives demonstrates the proliferation of business and human rights indicators, ratings and indices, and underlines the relevance of our purpose to trigger public discussion on the topic.

The list will be used as a reference point for the next step of the project, namely, the creation of a “summary card” for each tool and initiative, describing its main features, strengths and weaknesses. The aim is to increase transparency, avoid duplication of efforts, prevent mistakes and collect best practices.

It is important to emphasise that MB&HR will also have due regard to (1) those measurement initiatives that focus on corporate social responsibility but do not feature business and human rights indicators, and (2) ratings and indices that assess the human rights performance of States. While these initiatives will not be the object of specific analysis (at least in the initial phase of the project), they will be taken into consideration in order to distil best practices. Examples of these initiatives include Transparency International’s Defence Companies Anti-Corruption Index and Corporate Knights’ Global 100 Most Sustainable Companies, and the Political Terror Scale and the CIRI Human Rights Data Project.

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