Leslie Willcocks, professor of technology, work and globalisation at LSE’s Department of Management, finds incoherence and exaggeration surrounding the application of artificial intelligence and cognitive automation to work. In this video (3′ 26″), he discusses some of the findings in his new book

The video was recorded at Open House, a gathering of global teaching institutions offering the Economics, Management, Finance and Social Science (EMFSS) degrees as part of the University of London International Programmes. Professor Willcocks is course convenor for Business and Management in a Global Context, a core module for students taking the Management stream of the programmes.



  • The author discusses some findings of his new book Robotic process and Cognititve Automation – The Next Phase (SB Publishing), co-authored with Mary Lacity, of the University of Missouri – St Louis.  
  • The post gives the views of the interviewee, not the position of LSE Business Review or the London School of Economics.
  • Featured image credit: YouTube still of Leslie Willcock’s video 
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