Connson Locke

Are you a leader or a manager?

The title of this article sounds like a trick question – it would seem the answer should be “leader”. But have you ever thought about what a manager does? Managers set up the systems that allow the organisation to run smoothly and efficiently. They ensure budgets are followed, timelines are met, and employees are trained and engaged. Without managers, […]

Is flirtation an effective negotiation tactic?

When I teach negotiation skills, my students and I explore a variety of strategies for reaching agreement, but we almost never mention flirtation. This may be because there is very little research on flirtation as a negotiation tactic – but it may also be because, as we found in one of our surveys, negotiation students do not consider flirtation […]

Ten thought-provoking posts on leadership

Altruistic CEOs can be as risky as greedy ones 

The most successful leaders exhibit moderate self-interest, argue Katalin Takacs-Haynes, Matthew Josefy and Michael A. Hitt




Leadership in three words: leaders change things

Change, however, is never easy, writes Stuart Crainer. He looks at the dynamics behind successful change actions




When managing risk, overconfident managers don’t always follow the fundamentals

They tend to make hedging […]

A fixed authoritative posture could make you a less effective leader

It is widely accepted that non-verbal communication is extremely influential in interpersonal encounters, and non-verbal signals (i.e. everything except the words themselves), including body language, eye contact, tone of voice and rapidity of speech, can have a subtle but significant influence on the dynamic between two people. For leaders in a professional context, there is no exception.

I have recently […]