Holger Breinlich

The underestimated effects of regional trade agreements

Hamburg Port, by moerschy, under a CC0 licence
Over the past three decades, countries and trading blocks around the world have undertaken substantial efforts to reduce barriers to trade. In recent years, these efforts have mainly taken the form of regional free trade agreements (RTA) in which countries liberalize trade outside the multilateral framework of the World Trade Organization.

The hope […]

The distributional effects of Brexit: Who bears the pain?

In recent days, pro-Brexiteers have been saying that leaving the EU may hurt the rich but it will help the poor. Although there is now a strong consensus that leaving the EU would damage the overall economy (HM Treasury, 2016; IFS, 2016; OECD, 2016; NIESR, 2016, The Guardian 28 May 2016) ¬†there has been almost no breakdown of what […]