John Antonakis

Ten thought-provoking posts on leadership

Altruistic CEOs can be as risky as greedy ones 

The most successful leaders exhibit moderate self-interest, argue Katalin Takacs-Haynes, Matthew Josefy and Michael A. Hitt




Leadership in three words: leaders change things

Change, however, is never easy, writes Stuart Crainer. He looks at the dynamics behind successful change actions




When managing risk, overconfident managers don’t always follow the fundamentals

They tend to make hedging […]

When do charismatic leaders rise to the top job?

As every US presidential race shows, politicians work tirelessly to convince voters that they have what it takes to run the country — the mother of all institutions! In a way, this is also the plight of top-level leaders who never interact with those individuals on whose support they depend. Think of corporate heads; just like politicians, they too […]