Katalin Takacs-Haynes

Ten thought-provoking posts on leadership

Altruistic CEOs can be as risky as greedy ones 

The most successful leaders exhibit moderate self-interest, argue Katalin Takacs-Haynes, Matthew Josefy and Michael A. Hitt




Leadership in three words: leaders change things

Change, however, is never easy, writes Stuart Crainer. He looks at the dynamics behind successful change actions




When managing risk, overconfident managers don’t always follow the fundamentals

They tend to make hedging […]

Altruistic CEOs can be as risky as greedy ones

The Securities and Exchange Commission recently adopted a requirement for U.S. companies to disclose the disparity between CEO and worker pay. This outcome reflects present tensions between the desire to reward performance while also seeking to establish what is an equitable division of the wealth generated by today’s behemoth corporations. The latest requirement is arguably an outcome that has resulted […]