Stuart Crainer

Ten thought-provoking posts on leadership

Altruistic CEOs can be as risky as greedy ones 

The most successful leaders exhibit moderate self-interest, argue Katalin Takacs-Haynes, Matthew Josefy and Michael A. Hitt




Leadership in three words: leaders change things

Change, however, is never easy, writes Stuart Crainer. He looks at the dynamics behind successful change actions




When managing risk, overconfident managers don’t always follow the fundamentals

They tend to make hedging […]

Leadership in three words: leaders change things

‘Leadership produces change. That is its primary function,’ observes Harvard Business School’s John Kotter. Former CEO and author Larry Bossidy puts it like this: ‘The leader’s job is to help everyone see that the platform is burning, whether the flames are apparent or not. The process of change begins when people decide to take the flames seriously and manage by […]