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    Multinationals in China: How ‘local’ should management go?

Multinationals in China: How ‘local’ should management go?

Any multinational seeking to build a strong base in China will inevitably confront the question of how ‘local’ an approach to adopt, particularly when it comes to management. Foreign firms active in Asia’s biggest market have pursued a wide variety of strategies, from flying in supervisors from head office for a transition period to train up local staff, to […]

Navigating the new anti-money laundering normal

Money laundering, by The Preiser Project, under a CC-BY-2.0 licence
A series of recent news events have highlighted the continued focus of global regulators on money laundering and compliance failures at international financial institutions — and made it clear this focus is only likely to intensify in the months ahead. This makes it more crucial than ever that institutions have the […]