Holiday lists

Editor picks on Brexit, Trump and the Eurozone


Investing in the future of the UK: LSE relaunches its Growth Commission

Labour markets, industrial policy, the financial sector and openness are key areas of the upcoming report, writes Anna Valero




Brexit can have profound implications for firms on both sides of the Atlantic

Since 2010, 9% of foreign US affiliates’ profit has come from the UK, write Douglas Cumming and Shaker […]

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Five editor picks to read during the holiday

What neuroscience can(not) bring to the world of business
It cannot make better leaders nor deliver on other misleading promises, argues Dirk Lindebaum





Healing the rifts between mental health workers and psychiatric survivors

There needs to be a process where survivors and workers can work together, listen and learn from each other, writes Helen Spandler




The interval training principle could help us deal […]

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Must-read 2016 blog posts about our working lives

Flexible working:


Working in the cloud means working all the time

Technological advancements, such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation or Big Data are often considered major drivers for the future of work. Current debate on this topic mostly focuses on which tasks and jobs will be delegated to machines and how employees can deal with the uncertainty of career choice. […]

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