For our first series of interviews with technology leaders LSE Business Review travelled to New Orleans, to take part in the Collision tech conference. Here you will find their ideas about the fast-changing technological landscape.

Naveen Jain, co-founder and executive chairman of Moon Express, one of the four enterprises vying for the Google Lunar XPRIZE.

‘If we can learn to live on the moon we can live anywhere in space’





Nicole Eagan, the CEO of Darktrace, a British cybersecurity company created by mathematicians from the University of Cambridge.

“Cybersecurity is very fast becoming an all-out arms race”





Melonee Wise, of Fetch Robotics, CEO of California-based Fetch Robotics, which works mainly with the logistics industry.

‘Robot adoption will grow faster in semi-structured environments’





William Murphy, chief technology officer of Blackstone, one of the world’s largest investment firms, which manages assets such as private equity and real estate.

William Murphy: ‘We need change management to help people with new technology’




Cindy Cohn, of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a US non-profit that champions user privacy, free expression and innovation, which they see as civil liberties.

‘They have our lives in their hands’





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Torbjörn Holmström, of Volvo, on self-driving trucks

Robert Scoble, of the Transformation Group, on virtual reality

Sasha Hoffman, of Piaggio Fast Forward, on urban mobility

Marc DaCosta, of Enigma, on big data

Nico Sell, of Wickr, on privacy


Featured image credit: Technology, by BenjaminNelan, under a CC0 licence