Guest blog by LSE alumnus Andre Wirjo who now works for APEC in Singapore:

Working for an international organisation has always been my aspiration and I am glad to be given the opportunity to do so. I would like to share with you some tips on how it can be achieved via this short blog.

Through the fulfilling journey of pursuing my MSc at LSE right to contributing to the APEC process, if there is one key learning point to be remembered, it is always to be proactive when looking for internships and employment opportunities. Cast your net wide and go beyond the usual organisations because for a start, you may want to prioritise on building experience in your field of interest rather than any specific organisation. In this regard, the LSE brand is a very strong one and you will be surprised by the number of opportunities that are open to you.

It is also crucial to stay focus and true to your aspiration. Whenever there is a potential internship or employment opportunity, ask yourself if it will bring you closer to realising your aspiration. If so, identify how your previous and current experiences can add value to the hiring organisation and that will make your application stand out compared to the rest of the applicants.

It is imperative that candidates who are selected for assessments and/or interviews be well prepared because first impression always counts. Know your potential job responsibilities well and avoid focusing too much on your entitlements. Furthermore, show that you are open to the wide scope of work that you would potentially be doing.

When you are in the job, always give your best and maintain amicable relationships with your colleagues. The world of international organisations is not that big and you will not want your past and current actions to affect your future prospects in one way or another.

Last but not least, in pursuit of the above, please do not sacrifice your academic endeavour because at the end of the day, our primary objective for going to LSE is to learn and, through the process, earn the coveted degree.