‘Internal’ consultancy

There are a great many companies outside the consultancy sector, whether in consumer products (known as FMCG), banking, oil and gas, retail, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and so on that offer roles requiring similar skillsets which are challenging, have career progression opportunities and the chance to gain a professional qualification. Sometimes referred to as ‘internal consultancy’ roles, almost every large business has them to gain specialist advice and support for a range of business functions. The only difference is your clients are your colleagues. Common practice areas include organisational design and development, strategic planning, IT, procurement and increasingly, digital.

Rotations/specialist roles

Graduate training schemes with large commercial companies often offer the opportunity to develop a range of commercial and business skills whether on a rotation scheme or in a specialist role. Many have an international presence and are willing to include an international placement – or later, a permanent relocation, as part of the package. You’ll be part of a cohort so will have a ready-made network, which is invaluable as you go on to develop your career.

LSE alumni career paths

What’s interesting is the degree of cross-over between those working in consultancy and those in in-house roles. Some consultants have started their careers in industry, then moved into a specialist or niche consultancy or industry team in a generalist consultancy when they have first-hand experience of a commercial area. Strategy consultancies also take on experienced hires with a few years industry or consultancy experience, provided they demonstrate they are outstanding in their chosen field. Below are some examples:

LSE alumni consultancy career path examples

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