The LSE Library has over 95 online and terminal based subscriptions, many of which can be useful for your careers research. Our series of blogs outlines a few of these subscriptions and how you can make use of them to enhance your applications and interview answers. This fifth post focuses on using ORBIS for your careers research.

ORBIS is a global database which has information on around 125 million companies. ORBIS includes advanced search and analysis software so you can identify companies around the world. As well as descriptive information and the company financials, ORBIS contains further details such as news, market research, ratings and country reports, scanned reports, ownership and M&A data.


The top ways ORBIS can help with your careers research

1. Year on year comparison company information

Some students are motivated to work for companies due to their operating revenue which is displayed in ORBIS graphically and in table format over a user specified time period. In addition, the global reports bring together the most recent company reviews, allowing you to get a quick snapshot of what’s coming up for the company.

2. Details of M&A deals

Obtain hard-to-find information about mergers and acquisitions, including who advises each company as part of the deal. Interviewing for a law firm? Impress them at interview by knowing which deals they have advised on (whilst also considering for yourself why these deals motivate you to want to work for them), before they release this information on their website.

3. News

As with the previous two areas, the news portal is particularly effective as it brings together a wealth of information about what is currently happening in the world. This is ideal if you need to search for information about a particular company, ready for that long awaited interview. Consider how the news story could affect the company you are applying to and, more directly, the role you’re interviewing for. This will help you discuss your commercial awareness with professionalism, showing your understanding of how the company operates.

For advice on how to effectively and professionally discuss your careers research on your applications or at interview, book a careers appointment via CareerHub.

You can access ORBIS via the Library’s search function. If you use this subscription for your careers research, please email us at careers@lse.ac.uk with any feedback you have.