Many LSE students want to work globally when they graduate and therefore make applications to organisations based in many different countries.

No matter which country you apply to your application needs to be targeted, demonstrate the skills and experience that match the role you’re applying to whilst also demonstrating your motivation for working in this country. Beyond this however, each country has its own recruitment practices that you need to be aware of. We recommend two websites to get you started:

Going Global

This is a website we subscribe to which enables you to get in depth information on the recruitment practices of over 40 countries. Topics range from visa regulations, CV conventions and interview etiquette to professional and personal networking, to job sites.

LSE Careers country profiles

These will provide you with more LSE specific information on over 35 countries. Each country profile gives you data on which sectors and which employers LSE graduates have gone on to work within as well as a list of useful resources including country specific job sites, LSE country based LinkedIn groups and alumni groups.

In addition, in the resource centre you can find books about international careers and country specific tips.