Many recruiters use social media for recruitment purposes and the most popular platform is LinkedIn. Some of the ways employers use social media include:

Brand management

Employers use social media to promote their brand and inform people what it is like to work for that organisation. This can be through their LinkedIn company page, YouTube or Facebook business page. Typical posts can be around ‘a-day-in-the-life’ of an employee, industry news, and careers information. These pages can provide useful information particularly when making your job application or preparing for interview.


Recruiters frequently advertise their roles on the LinkedIn jobs board or post on Twitter and Facebook that they’re hiring. Follow these for up to date alerts on new roles. Individual employees may also post a LinkedIn update when their company is hiring or put a message on a related industry group to reach their network.

Researching candidates

A recruiter or hiring manager may look at your LinkedIn profile or other social media accounts if publicly accessible as part of the shortlisting process. They are likely to notice the average length you have been in a job and the length you have been with your current employer (if applicable). Commitment to appropriate professional organisations and examples of your work are also likely to make you stand out.


Recruitment consultants will frequently search LinkedIn profiles to proactively target suitable professionals for the roles they are hiring for. This is more typical with experienced hire candidates.


Many recruiters use referrals to find quality hires so they may look to see if you have any shared connections. If you can be referred by a current employee this will enhance your chances of being shortlisted!

Recruiters’ advice for candidates:


  • share details on about volunteering, professional and charity work
  • engage with industry relevant events
  • check your spelling and grammar on your profile and posts


  • share publicly any details of your personal life that may cause employers to question your professionalism
  • post a public selfie
  • completely delete your profile, particularly if you are looking for work in communications and marketing