Although LSE Careers and many other reputable job sites have strict approval processes when deciding whether to post jobs and opportunities, it’s still important that you undertake due diligence with any of your job searches.

Whilst the following checklist won’t cover all eventualities, it will give you more information to help you make a decision if you have any concerns about your personal safety.

1. Ensure the employer is genuine before attending an interview 

  • Check the website is legitimate.
  • Check the organisation’s email addresses and telephone numbers.
  • Speak to the Human Resources department of the organisation.
  • Check the relevant trade or association websites.

2. Be careful with your personal information 

  • Only share your personal information if you are sure an employer is genuine.
  • Avoid including your National Insurance number on your CV.
  • Never send any physical forms of ID to an organisation.
  • Do not share personal information via websites URLs that do not have an https:// at the beginning.

3. Be aware of fictitious job advertisements and offers, including:

  • ‘get rich quick’ schemes
  • jobs that require a payment
  • job offers made on social media or for jobs you didn’t apply for

You can find out more information about personal safety when searching for a job on our website including, how to check a website’s legitimacy, information on trade and association websites, and types of sensitive personal information.