Guest blog from Tamara Oprea, Associate Director Sales and Business Development – Financial Markets at IHS Markit Ltd.

“There I was, after all those years of studying and hard work, with a Banking, Finance and Management degree under my belt, ready to take on my career! So many paths and career choices, from banking to corporates, to analytics, to financial services. But what career was the right one for me? And was I making the right choice? Flicking through never ending careers pages on university websites a very unusual job description caught my eye – a role in loans at Markit. Who was Markit? It ended up being a company I never thought I would end up working for! And here I am 7.5 years later, leading a successful career at one of the most energetic and diverse companies in the marketplace.

I started my career in a small team that came via acquisition, worried of sinking in the big world of finance. Luckily Markit’s open and warm culture made it easy for me to integrate and build my social and business network that took my career from strength to strength.

So, what do I love about my job? First and foremost, I love the people I work with. They are friendly, intelligent, driven, challenging and, just occasionally, frustrating! I love the opportunity to travel and build strong relationships across customers from major banks with fancy offices to customers employing as little as 5 people in a pop-up office. And the ability to progress my career in a dynamic and exciting environment filled with smart people, being part of and indeed make change happen, is also something that resonates with me. That’s what makes me tick!

The financial industry does live up to expectations and it’s a fast paced environment, demanding and it requires great intellect and resilience. Whilst all these statements are true, finance is also about amiableness and collaboration.

So what would be my advice: Keep your options open, you don’t have to follow the crowd! Not all companies operating in the financial industry are scary! In fact, you will find a wide variety of positions you can choose from and forge successful careers. Whatever career path you choose, make it count and be true to yourself.”

IHS Markit will be at the LSE Careers Women in Business breakfast on Friday November 24th, along with representatives from Amazon, KPMG, Lidl, RBS, and Charles River Associates. You can book your place to attend on CareerHub.