Danial Alam, LLB Law 2018, volunteered as a casework volunteer with the Bar Pro Bono Unit during his second year at the LSE. During this year, he also served as the Treasurer of the LSESU RAG. The Bar Pro Bono Unit is a charity which helps to find pro bono (free) legal assistance from volunteer barristers. Read on to find more about Danial’s volunteering experience and the benefits of volunteering.

Dvolunteering, volunteeruring my second year, I volunteered at the Bar Pro Bono Unit once per week. I distinctly remember my first day with the Unit, after a tour of the office I was introduced to the procedure to talk to applicants on the phone and very shortly after I was advising an applicant on what actions they needed to take to seek legal advice from the Unit. I knew then that I wouldn’t just be making coffee during my time there.

As the year passed by I was afforded more responsibility, all the while aware that Caseworkers and fellow interns could support me if I encountered any difficulty. I learned about areas of law that I had little exposure to during my degree by reviewing applications from individuals around the UK and sometimes even further afield. As the Unit accepts applications from individuals seeking advice from any area of law, I often worked on cases that had aspects of criminal law, public law, tort law and more.

Getting involved with volunteering is about much more than getting bonus points for your CV, the reward that you receive from seeing the impact that your work has on people in extremely challenging circumstances is difficult to quantify, so it’s definitely worth trying it out.

Interested in volunteering?

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