Careers subscriptions for LSE Students

Careers subscriptions for LSE Students

We have lots subscriptions that you as an LSE student and alumni (up to 5 years post-course completion) can access and utilise. Below you’ll find information on each service, what it does and how you can access it.

Job sites

We subscribe to four specialist job sites:

  • Policy Jobs
  • Political Jobs
  • Human Rights Jobs
  • Ethical Jobs

Each site lists job vacancies internationally, but with a focus on UK, USA, Canada and Europe.

Vault: Career Insider

Vault: Career Insider is an online tool that allows LSE students and alumni access to unlimited and comprehensive careers information and advice including:

  • worldwide company and internship ranking and reviews
  • industry guides, searchable by organisation, location and more
  • career path guidance, including profiles about different occupations
  • advice on resumes, cover letters, interviews and networking
  • company profiles to help you when researching employers
  • jobs and internship opportunities in Vault top-ranked companies

The industries covered by the Vault guides are vast, ranging from not-for-profit to private equity and foreign trade to careers in energy. You can also have a look at their blog for advice from the Vault experts.

Vault: Career Insider has released the newest 2018 Vault Banking and Consulting Rankings & Reviews. The most recent rankings take into account a firm’s reputation in the industry as well as employees’ satisfaction with key factors influencing their work life such as culture, compensation, training, and promotion policies.

How to get started

LSE Students – Visit our Careers Subscription page to get started!
LSE Alumni (0-5 years) – Contact LSE Careers at 

Interview Stream

Interview Stream allows you to record and practise interviews online. You can use it to create your own custom interview from a large bank of questions (arranged by employment sector so it’s as relevant as possible).

Record your responses via webcam and then review and assess your answers. If you don’t have a webcam or don’t want to record yourself, the site is also a great place to look for examples of typical interview questions and interview advice. Whether you have an interview coming up or you just want to perfect your technique, just create an account and log in!

Don’t forget to have a look at our Interviews webpage too for more information on the basics, preparing for the day, types of questions and advice on how to handle telephone and video interviews.

If you have an interview coming up, don’t forget you can also book a practice interview with one of our Careers Consultants.

How to get started

LSE Students – Visit our Careers Subscription page to get started!
LSE Alumni (0-5 years) – Contact LSE Careers at 

Graduates First

LSE Careers subscribes to Graduates First so LSE students can get exclusive access to a selection of free professional-quality practice psychometric and selection tests. With over 20 numerical, verbal and logical tests to choose from, it allows you to track your progress using their comprehensive performance breakdowns and expert feedback as you go along.

Graduates First also gives you tips and information about employer tests, psychometrics, assessment centres, interviews and job advice.

If you have completed all of these tests you’ll be able to find some more on our webpage: Psychometric test resources and practice tests.

LSE Students – Visit our Careers Subscription page to get started!
LSE Alumni (0-5 years) – Contact LSE Careers at 


GoinGlobal is an exclusive resource to help LSE students and alumni prepare for their careers regardless of where in the world they want to work.

Log-in and search the vast range of information including; up-to-date careers guides to help you navigate worldwide job and internship listings, H1B visa information and organisation profiles.

GoinGlobal also has country-specific career guides, which include job search resources, employment trends, visa information and application advice for Australia and the USA as well as multiple countries across South America, Asia and Europe.

Boasting over 16 million job and internship positions, you can also search GoinGlobal’s opportunities by a specific city, state or country, organisation, and job type, plus the search results are listed in English as well as the native language of the country you are interested in.

Check out GoinGlobal’s new additions too:

  • View GoinGlobal on the go from any mobile device.
  • New guides for 25 major metropolitan markets around the world.
  • H1B visa application records track back to 2009 for a historical understanding of U.S. employers who have a pattern of hiring international talent.
  • Personal accounts can be set to receive constant updates on new job listings and internship opportunities matching the user’s selection criteria.

How to get started

LSE Students – Visit our Careers Subscription page to get started!
LSE Alumni (0-5 years) – Contact LSE Careers at 


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