With estimates suggesting that up to 50% of people are not happy in their current job, and a trawl of internet statistics suggesting that the average person changes career between 7 – 12 times in their life, it’s hardly surprising then that many students here at LSE are taking a course with the specific intention of making some form of career shift.

Career change is much more common now and career paths are generally much more fluid. However, changing career still isn’t easy and you will doubtless meet challenges on the way. But with the support of others, some guided career change activities, advice from those who’ve successfully made the transition, along with practical tasks to help you develop a personal narrative and revise your CV you will certainly be on your way!

If you have 2+ years of professional experience, want to change career direction and are looking for some support then the 3 part LSE Career Changers course is for you. Part 1 will help you understand yourself and identify your values.  Part 2 we will hear from a panel of career changers about how they transitioned into a new area and overcame challenges. Part 3 will look at how you can create a new identity through developing your personal brand on your CV, online and through networking.

There’s a short pre-course survey for you to complete (5 minutes) which will help us understand more about what you are hoping to get from the course. The survey can be completed here. To get the most out of the course we strongly recommend you sign up for all 3 workshops:

We look forward to seeing some of you there!