Congratulations! You’ve made it through the academic year. You’ve studied hard and played hard. But a question we often get asked at LSE Careers is, how can I make the most of the summer break? Here are our top tips for making the most of your time before you go back to school in the fall:


1. Relax – why not take some time to ‘recharge your batteries’, first and foremost? Do something you love. Travel, meet with friends, and make sure to enjoy the most of your summer so you can come back to school in October feeling relaxed and ready to take on another academic year.

2. Do some careers research – either online or by making contact with professionals who do jobs you like the sound of or who work for organisations you admire. Do some informational interviewing by asking them out for a coffee to find the answers to questions that will help you find out more about your sector. Try approaching LSE alumni via LinkedIn for example.

3. Get work experience – whether you’re engaged in paid or voluntary work during the holidays, it’s a great use of your time to gain some transferable skills, some relevant experience or just to begin to show a sector preference. Get your CV ready to approach employers about arranging this experience and you’ll be getting some practice in for when you’re looking for more permanent work. If you don’t have anything planned, check out our advice on finding alternative internships, options to find work over the summer or 6 ways to get work experience this summer.

4. Volunteer – just as with other work experience opportunities, volunteering can give you great transferable skills, open up your networks and make you feel as though you are contributing to your local community. All traits recognised and valued by employers. Check CareerHub or for opportunities near you.

5. Make the most of LSE Careers – we’re open all summer and you can book an appointment with one of our careers consultants to discuss your career plans, your application documents, or anything else careers related! If you’re not in London, we can offer you Skype and telephone appointments – email us at for more.


Finally, don’t forget to manage your time carefully in order to fit any of the ideas you want to try in alongside your academic studies and dissertation writing. Enjoy your holidays!