Social media

Your personal brand is your reputation – it’s what you’re known for and how people experience what you’re about. Social media is now part of career management so it’s important to think about how online tools can help develop your brand. Below are some tips on how you can achieve this with Twitter and LinkedIn, although many principles apply to other platforms too.

Personalise your LinkedIn URL

You can claim your very own LinkedIn URL so you can add this easily to your CV, your Twitter profile or other networks. There is an edit button next to the URL on your profile page and LinkedIn have provided further instructions if you get stuck!

Use a consistent look on all platforms

  • Use the same photo across all your platforms so that your face becomes recognisable to your contacts and make sure this is a professional head shot.
  • Try and use the same colour scheme across all of your social media platforms.
  • You’re able to add a background image to your LinkedIn profile too.

Have a good headline

Your LinkedIn headline or Twitter bio is a great way to promote your brand; avoid cheesy or confusing headlines. A good way to structure your headline is to say what you are, who you help, how you make their life/work better and prove that you are credible. For example: ‘LSE government student and volunteer fundraiser who helps a local London charity raise more funds. Previous fundraiser at FoodCycle.’

Join groups, connect or follow others consistent with your brand

Follow and engage with the thought leaders in your field. Reply to their updates and start conversations. If they like the posts you’re sharing then they will start to share and retweet you and so your posts will reach a larger audience. Join in with relevant industry discussions via groups on LinkedIn to get you noticed by recruiters and experts in your field.

Provide valuable and shareable content

Whether you’re using Twitter or LinkedIn, be known amongst your network for sharing useful information such as news articles and blogs related to the industry that you wish to enter. Your aim is for the people that view your profile to build a professional picture of you.

Proof-read and edit before posting

Every post will contribute to other’s perception of your brand so ensure you take your time when posting. Check your spelling and grammar carefully and think again before you hit ‘send’.

Share pictures carefully

Just like the written word, any pictures you share can say a lot about your brand. If you’re using social media for professional purposes then consider carefully whether that selfie, picture of your pet or breakfast is appropriate!

Consider your network

On any social media platform, consider who you are following or are connected too. Depending on your privacy settings, others will be able to see content you ‘like’ or comment on. Consistency will help to build a stronger presence.

Ensure your LinkedIn endorsements reflect your brand

Skill endorsements can be found near the bottom of your profile page and they’re a great way for your connections to validate your skills. Ideally the skills you are endorsed for the most should reflect the industry you are in or hope to enter. For example if you hope to enter or are working in political risk you may aim to be endorsed for political risk analysis, politics, analysis and international relations.

Above all, social media is meant to be just that – social – so enjoy it!