Welcome to LSE or welcome back!

I volunteer my spare time coaching the LSE Women’s Football Club

I’m David and I’m the Volunteer Centre Manager, here at LSE. Our job is to help you find rewarding volunteering opportunities for causes you are passionate about, during your time at LSE.

We have a really diverse number of opportunities available to students and there are currently 180+ opportunities on LSE CareerHub, our online vacancy board. These range from being a telephone befriender for the elderly to advocacy and support, to being a mentor and many more. So whether your motivation is to change the world, make some new friends or explore London, we’re sure there is something here for you.

We know that LSE students are time pressured and that’s why we have a one-off volunteering programme. Opportunities are from 1 hour to one day (max), with no further commitment, and they’re a great chance to meet fellow students from around the school, whilst giving back!

To see some inspiring examples of what LSE students got up to in the last year, check out our LSE Volunteer brochure.

So how can you get involved?

  1. Come along to our Volunteering Fair on 7 October. We have over 50 charities coming on to campus, all of them with fantastic opportunities. I would also recommend signing up for our seminar: Volunteering – how, why, what and when? on Friday 4 October.
  2. . Sign up for the Volunteer Centre newsletter by logging in to your LSE CareerHub account, going to preferences and selecting ‘volunteering’ under service. We’ll keep you up to date with all the volunteering news on campus.
  3. Talk to us on social media! We have TwitterFacebook and Instagram accounts and also run a blog highlighting the great voluntary work that LSE students complete, also adding to various debates within the voluntary sector. We also give tips on how to start volunteering on our blog.
  4. Finally, you can book one-to-one appointments with me on Monday and Thursday afternoons through LSE CareerHub where we can talk about how to get involved in volunteering during your time here.

The LSE Volunteer Centre Team hope you have a wonderful time at LSE and we hope to help you find a volunteering opportunity that you are passionate about!