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LinkedIn tips for career changers

There are now over 600 million people based all over the world registered on LinkedIn, making it an incredibly powerful resource for any career changer. It’s worth considering carefully how its various features can help you navigate the process of securing a successful transition.

In the first instance, it’s as a research tool that LinkedIn will support your efforts, to […]


Top tips for a successful career change

The career you entered when leaving LSE might not be the one you continue with as your life progresses. With changes in the labour market, disruptions of technology and shifts in personal circumstances LSE alumni are likely to encounter many career changes.
Here we give you our top 20 tips for a successful career change… 
Adopt the right mindset. Don’t assume […]


Career changers – overcoming personal challenges

Earlier this year we ran a career changers seminar which generated some interesting advice and insights. Making a career change can be a life affirming, but also inevitably stressful process, requiring you to overcome a number of potential hurdles. Here we share some of the most common challenges facing career changers, along with tips for how to address these […]

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    Career narratives from successful career changers – investment banking to digital marketing

Career narratives from successful career changers – investment banking to digital marketing

LSE Careers recently hosted a career changer evening, inviting back a number of alumni who have successfully changed career direction. We’ll be sharing their career narratives and offering our own insights into what made their career transitions successful, starting with Laurie Wang (you can visit Laurie’s website, Twitter or LinkedIn for more):
From investment banking to digital marketing
Laurie was an LSE General […]


CVs for career changers

Many of us will change career if not once, then many more times over the course of our working lives. But what does that mean for your CV, one of the most important elements in your job search toolkit? The challenge for any career changer is to show how your previous experience is relevant to your new role. The […]


New career: chapter one

As a career changer, you might meet challenges along your journey, at times feel like giving up and returning to your ‘comfort zone’. To reassure you, and from our experience, students do succeed and overcome these hurdles. Perseverance pays off – it might not happen overnight so keep yourself motivated. Recognise and celebrate small achievements, take a gradual approach, […]


How volunteering helped my career

There can be controversy surrounding the idea that volunteering is beneficial to your career. There is a suggestion that people should volunteer for others, not just to improve their opportunities. Connected to this is the myth that student volunteers only volunteer to put something on their CVs. However, volunteering isn’t a ‘zero-sum game’ and everyone can gain. Our research […]


Consultancy careers – options and alternatives

Many LSE students are interested in consultancy as a career and indeed some do go on to work for consultancy firms. But when it comes to consultancy careers it’s not all about the big firms on campus. Of course there are the names every student knows like McKinsey, Bain and BCG but in reality these firms don’t have huge […]


How to learn from career obstacles and failures

At some point we all have things that go wrong in our careers – projects that fail, jobs that work out badly, bosses we can’t work with, colleagues who don’t do their fair share of work, efforts which are not recognised and talents which are not utilised.

Why is this? Surely if we work hard, get on well with people […]


Changing career? Learn from experience

We recently welcomed six career changers onto campus to share their experiences of career transitioning which prompted a very interesting and wide ranging discussion.  Our panel had worked in a range of industries including international organisations, investment banking, consultancy, finance, law and management and transitioned to areas including government policy, the charity sector, impact investing and entrepreneurship and coaching.

The […]


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