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New career: chapter one

As a career changer, you might meet challenges along your journey, at times feel like giving up and returning to your ‘comfort zone’. To reassure you, and from our experience, students do succeed and overcome these hurdles. Perseverance pays off – it might not happen overnight so keep yourself motivated. Recognise and celebrate small achievements, take a gradual approach, […]

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How to reflect and learn from not getting the job offer

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t land the job offer straight away. Treat every job application and interview experience as preparation and learning. Always ask yourself, how can I improve my performance for next time? What can I learn? Waiting to hear about a job offer can cause anxiety but keep moving forward and prepare for […]

11 November 2019|LSE Careers|2 Comments|
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    How to make the most of your master’s degree and time at LSE

How to make the most of your master’s degree and time at LSE

Anna Vindics graduated from LSE with an MSc in Social Policy (European and Comparative Social Policy) in 2015. Based on her own experiences she shares some tips on getting the most from your MSc and your time at LSE.

Find ways to actively engage with what you’re learning
Forming study groups when you’re preparing for exams helps transfer passive knowledge to […]


Making the move from corporate to not-for-profit work

Studying for an LSE degree, MSc or PhD can be a transformational process. This is particularly true for our postgrads who have selected their particular master’s as a catalyst to change career direction towards the not-for-profit sector. When considering such a move it can helpful to think about it as a campaign rather than a simple transactional switch. There […]


Playing to your strengths

Summer is often a time of exploration and transition, of taking on new roles, doing internships or planning for the academic year ahead. As part of your preparation, check out this blog post from the Huffington Post about the benefits of understanding and using your strengths. They focus on the work environment but the advice is equally as appropriate […]


How to market your MSc effectively to employers

A master’s from LSE gives a powerful message to employers. It suggests you’re capable of higher level analysis and that you offer an impressive degree of specialisation. But how do you make the most of what you have to offer to prospective employers? Here are some questions to get you started:
What was my MSc about?
This may seem obvious to you […]

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What to wear for a job interview

First impressions are vital – what you wear to an interview will affect how you are perceived by the employer. Luckily, our careers consultants have some advice for how to dress well!

For a formal interview (one in which you have been invited by the employer), you should always dress smartly. As a general rule, an appropriate interview outfit for […]


CV writing for experienced hires

As someone with a few years of work experience, you’ll already have had some success with writing CVs. When rewriting your CV as an experienced hire, it’s important to take a step back and consider the parts of your CV that are still relevant to include for a new audience/level.

Rewriting your CV can be a very helpful exercise in […]


How employers use social media for recruitment

Many recruiters use social media for recruitment purposes and the most popular platform is LinkedIn. Some of the ways employers use social media include:
Brand management
Employers use social media to promote their brand and inform people what it is like to work for that organisation. This can be through their LinkedIn company page, YouTube or Facebook business page. Typical posts […]


5 top tips on developing your personal brand

Building a recognisable personal brand can help to open up professional opportunities. If you’re looking for a job, you want your potential manager at your ideal organisation to associate your personal brand with something they need on their team. Here are some ideas to help you to achieve this:
1. Understand yourself and how you’re perceived
Gaining a clearer idea about […]

15 February 2017|LSE Careers|1 Comment|

How to make the most of your MSc – from a soon-to-be LSE alum

Gaby Harris, who graduates this autumn with an MSc Inequalities and Social Sciences, shares some of her insights into how to approach your time at LSE:
What I’m going to say below might seem like common knowledge, but undertaking an MSc for many (myself included) is unknown territory, and there is little guidance for how to make the most of […]

16 November 2016|LSE Careers|0 Comments|
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    How to make the most of your master’s degree and time at LSE

How to make the most of your master’s degree and time at LSE

Marc R. Claude (MSc Political Science and Political Economy) shares his insights into how you can make the most of your master’s degree and time at LSE:
There you are: you’ve got into the LSE. Congratulations; that is absolutely fantastic! Now, you might be wondering how to make the most of your time here. Therefore, here are my two cents […]


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