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How to use LinkedIn to full effect

Many of us have a LinkedIn profile but are you using it to its full capacity in your job search? Here are a few simple tips to get you started:

Your profile

Your LinkedIn profile is like your CV that never sleeps so keep it up to date so employers and recruiters can easily find you! You can claim your […]


One page or two? How long does my CV need to be?

‘Should my CV be one or two pages?’ is perhaps the number one question we get asked at LSE Careers. Those of you who would like a definitive answer to your question may not be too happy with our response ‘it depends’! But that’s the thing about CVs – there simply isn’t a definitive ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ way to do it. […]


How to prepare for case study interviews

Interested in a career in management consulting? Case studies interviews are essential part of the recruitment process and honing your skills now will be time well spent when you get an interview.

They’re designed to assess a candidate’s ability to analyse, interpret and communicate information. The interviewer wants to understand how you would approach the task, what you’d take into […]


Understanding case study interviews

How can we increase our market share? How do we go about launching this new product? How can we improve the company’s performance and grow?

These are just some of the problems or ‘cases’ that very senior management of global companies pose to management consultancies every day.

So any candidate looking to work in consulting needs to spend some time thinking […]


LinkedIn tips for career changers

There are now over 600 million people based all over the world registered on LinkedIn, making it an incredibly powerful resource for any career changer. It’s worth considering carefully how its various features can help you navigate the process of securing a successful transition.

In the first instance, it’s as a research tool that LinkedIn will support your efforts, to […]


International students – your next steps

At LSE we have a large number of international students considering a diverse range of future career options. Whether you’re planning to return home to set up a career or you hope to gain some experience in the UK, it’s important for international students to carefully plan their next steps.
Working in the UK
For those of you looking to secure […]


How to decide on a career

Choosing the right career is tricky; most people break out in a cold sweat when asked the question: ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ There’s a lot of external pressure to land a perfect job and be super successful before the end of your 20s. But in reality, very few people find a good career […]


How can hobbies and interests enhance your CV?

Careers consultant, Edith Karinthi-Durnez, explores whether you should be listing hobbies and interests on your CV – and how to do it!
When reviewing CVs in one-to-one appointments, or during seminars about optimising job applications, I’m often asked whether it’s a good idea to add a section called ‘Hobbies’ or ‘Interests’ to a CV, and what that section should include.

That’s a […]

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    How travelling helped me reflect on my career and decide what to do next

How travelling helped me reflect on my career and decide what to do next

Guest blog by LSE alum Rosie Coleman (BSc International Relations 2013):

I’d never taken a gap year. My travels had been holidays rather than extended periods spent overseas. After graduating from LSE in 2013, I’d always been too scared to take time out, terrified of those dreaded CV gaps. That was until last September.

Despite having built the foundations of a […]


Presenting with confidence – how to pitch

Pitching and presenting successfully involves using a blend of techniques, including applied improvisation and learning practical ways to improve your confidence. Here are a few valuable tips to help you be pitch perfect:
Tip #1: Don’t rush into speaking
Make sure you are well-positioned and standing (or sitting) still before speaking. It’s easy to start speaking before you are stationary and if […]


How to research employers before applying to jobs

Do you want to stand apart from other applicants? Or prepare for the dreaded ‘why us?’ question? Then, it’s quite simple…research employers before you begin applying.

Not only will it help you decide if you want to work for the employer in the first place, research will help equip you with some genuine, inimitable reasons for why you want to […]


The benefits of work shadowing

As the name suggests, work, or job shadowing, is where you observe someone in their role to understand how they do their job. It can be a great way to gain (literally) on-the-ground insights, deepen your knowledge and expand your network. Here are some of the main benefits:
The chance to assess your ‘fit’
Often, a work shadow opportunity will […]


Recruitment practices around the world

Many LSE students want to work globally when they graduate and therefore make applications to organisations based in many different countries.

No matter which country you apply to your application needs to be targeted, demonstrate the skills and experience that match the role you’re applying to whilst also demonstrating your motivation for working in this country. Beyond this however, each […]


How to prepare for group exercises in job interviews

Congratulations! You’ve been invited to attend an interview or assessment centre where one of the assessment tasks is a group exercise. You’re one step closer to getting that job!

A group exercise is an enjoyable part of the recruitment process, giving you the chance to demonstrate how you perform as part of a team. You’ll be put into a group […]


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