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    “Make yourself more than a name in a stack of applications” – getting started in public affairs

“Make yourself more than a name in a stack of applications” – getting started in public affairs

We recently hosted a panel with speakers and LSE alum who shared their experiences of working in public affairs. The speakers have all followed different paths to successful careers which led to an engaging and lively discussion for LSE students considering a career in the sector. Getting experience in public affairs, the importance of networking through social media and the […]


Rethinking and redefining success at university and beyond

What is success – in life, at work, in academia? What does it look like, how does it feel and, the question in many of our minds… how do I achieve success?
Last night, Freedom of Mind LSE hosted a panel exploring what success means and busting the myth that to succeed you need to sacrifice your welfare. Chaired by Professor Lord […]


How to set short, medium and long term goals

Why is it important to set goals?
Let’s begin with some common interview questions:

Where do you see your career in five years’ time?
Why did you choose that course?
Tell me about yourself

These questions assume you’ve not only thought about your career goals but you are able to articulate them. So having a ‘goal story’ is important in recruitment.

But […]


So you’ve handed in your dissertation…what next?

At last you’ve handed in that dissertation which has dominated life for so many months! Be proud: finishing it will probably be one of the best things you’ve ever done. With celebrations underway, you might have noticed the theme of conversations having shifted from ‘when am I ever going to finish this thing’ to: ‘what next?’

It’s an exciting time, […]


Making the most of your work experience

“It’s not what you do, but the way that you do it and what you learn from it!” 

It may be a cliché, but to build your CV and enhance your confidence ready for your next career step, almost any work experience is going to be valuable, as long as you reflect on the skills that you have developed and try to […]


How to find a job related to your degree

Sometimes it can seem impossible to find a job for you that is related to your degree. Some courses don’t have obvious lines of work that you’ll be eligible to apply for as soon as you graduate. Some courses do, but you might want to explore other options.

LSE Careers has a range of resources that can give you ideas of what jobs […]


Opportunities to work and travel abroad over the summer

Want to see a bit more of the world, earn some money and build skills along the way? There are lots of creative ways you can incorporate work and play during vacation periods.

Put your language skills to good use 

A popular option for many students is to make use of their multilingualism! Teaching English (or another language) abroad is a […]


LinkedIn tips for career changers

There are now over 600 million people based all over the world registered on LinkedIn, making it an incredibly powerful resource for any career changer. It’s worth considering carefully how its various features can help you navigate the process of securing a successful transition.

In the first instance, it’s as a research tool that LinkedIn will support your efforts, to […]


International students – your next steps

At LSE we have a large number of international students considering a diverse range of future career options. Whether you’re planning to return home to set up a career or you hope to gain some experience in the UK, it’s important for international students to carefully plan their next steps.
Working in the UK
For those of you looking to secure […]

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    Curiosity in career decision-making with leadership psychologist Fiona Murden

Curiosity in career decision-making with leadership psychologist Fiona Murden


A huge thank you to Fiona Murden and Jon Hendry Pickup for coming in to speak to us last week about the importance of curiosity for career decision-making. We’ve compiled some of the highlights  for those of you who weren’t able to make it. If this event appeals to your own sense of curiosity then make sure you keep […]


Why it’s ok if you don’t have a job lined up yet

At this time of year we often see students who feel like they’ve left it too late to search for a graduate job or that all the ‘best’ opportunities have been taken. This is not the case! You have lots of options available to you as an LSE student and we advertise brilliant opportunities all year round.
Graduate schemes

It can […]


Making the move from corporate to not-for-profit work

Studying for an LSE degree, MSc or PhD can be a transformational process. This is particularly true for our postgrads who have selected their particular master’s as a catalyst to change career direction towards the not-for-profit sector. When considering such a move it can helpful to think about it as a campaign rather than a simple transactional switch. There […]


Dream jobs you won’t believe even exist

At LSE, it can be easy to forget that there are career opportunities outside of the cycle of Spring Week-Internship-Graduate Scheme. There are hundreds of careers that don’t need to be part of the Big Four and job roles that span a huge range of interests. Have a look at some of these roles for inspiration, and know that there […]


What to do if you don’t know what to do

As an LSE student you might be familiar with hearing about the career plans of your friends and those on your course who seem to know what they want to do following their degree. They might even have a job lined up for after graduation and their next three years planned out. So if you don’t, you might be […]


How ‘Planned Happenstance’ can help your career

As Lent Term draws to an end and with exams, final assignments and graduation in the not-so-distant future, you may be starting to think about life after university – or even rethinking your next steps, and that’s okay!

For many, the ‘right’ advice seems obvious. Take a step back to reflect on skills, values, and expectations. Consider what you’ve learnt […]


Top tips for a successful career change

The career you entered when leaving LSE might not be the one you continue with as your life progresses. With changes in the labour market, disruptions of technology and shifts in personal circumstances LSE alumni are likely to encounter many career changes.
Here we give you our top 20 tips for a successful career change… 
Adopt the right mindset. Don’t assume […]


Playing to your strengths

Summer is often a time of exploration and transition, of taking on new roles, doing internships or planning for the academic year ahead. As part of your preparation, check out this blog post from the Huffington Post about the benefits of understanding and using your strengths. They focus on the work environment but the advice is equally as appropriate […]


US and UK law firms: what’s the difference?

Guest blogger Charlotte Lewis-Williams shares her experiences and thoughts on the differences between US and UK law firms.
Choosing which law firms to apply to for a training contract can seem like a daunting task. Where do you start? If you are considering City law firms, you may be wondering what the difference is, if any, between US firms and UK […]


How to decide what to do, when you don’t know what to do

Being unsure about your future career direction can feel a little daunting, especially if you’re surrounded by people who all seem to have a clear idea in mind of what they want.

It’s actually extremely common to not be sure of your career direction and career decision making is something that you will continue to do throughout your life.

We are […]


Networking over the summer: top tips

As well as giving you that much-needed work experience, a chance to develop some key skills and generally bulk up your CV in readiness for the upcoming permanent job push, any kind of summer work provides a great opportunity to extend your professional network.  So as well as seizing all available opportunities to impress your colleagues with your skill, […]


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