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How to get your volunteering started

People often talk about why they volunteer. From benefiting communities and making a positive change, to finding new friends and developing skills: everyone has their own reasons why volunteering is for them, and all are valid. We talk a lot about the benefits of volunteering but often less about the how. Maybe you have decided you’d like to volunteer but are not […]


Insights from a UK student on working abroad

Guest blog by current student Sam Woolston who shares his experience of working abroad in Italy and Cyprus:

Teaching English in Italy
The first sign that my summer might include working in a foreign country came at the end of Lent Term. I received an email from a Head Teacher of a language school I had previously worked at asking me […]


Insider tips – working in Brussels

Guest blog by Freddie van Mierlo who has worked as a Consultant at Harwood Levitt Consulting, a boutique Public Affairs strategy consultancy based in Brussels, since 2015:
The Brussels labour market is famed for its competitive, multilingual, hyper-educated work force. Today, most people aspiring to work in Brussels start at the bottom, as opposed to parachuting in as a seconded […]


Work experience in France and the convention de stage

If you’re interested in getting some work experience in France, it’s worth noting that some of the best opportunities come through formal internships or stages en entreprises. These tend to be pretty structured, offered by large and small organisations alike and can take place during vacations or once your degree is finished. In fact, for a lot of French […]


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