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Five biotech career options for non-scientists

Guest post by LSE MSc in International Management alumnus, Yannick Skop:
It has been a booming decade for biotech, not just in the stock market, but also in real, impactful advances in human knowledge. Just as I started writing this blog post, we learn that for the very first time, scientists have managed to edit the faulty DNA of embryos, preventing […]


Talking ’bout a revolution… the disruptive market that is London’s FinTech scene

Guest Blog by Markus Gnirck, COO Startupbootcamp FinTech. Recent reports by Accenture and Ernst & Young have shown that London is the international hub for FinTech (Financial Technologies). The UK in general is a uniquely well-suited location for technology applied to financial services. Deal volumes have been growing at 74 percent a year since 2008, compared to 27 percent globally and […]


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