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How to get your volunteering started

People often talk about why they volunteer. From benefiting communities and making a positive change, to finding new friends and developing skills: everyone has their own reasons why volunteering is for them, and all are valid. We talk a lot about the benefits of volunteering but often less about the how. Maybe you have decided you’d like to volunteer but are not […]


Thinking about teaching English abroad?

Teaching abroad can be a great way to expand your horizons, learn new skills and travel. Here are some tips to get started:
1. Research
If you plan to move halfway around the world to teach English, research all aspects of your international adventure to make it as successful and rewarding as possible. You can use GoinGlobal to research financial and […]


Insights from a UK student on working abroad

Guest blog by current student Sam Woolston who shares his experience of working abroad in Italy and Cyprus:

Teaching English in Italy
The first sign that my summer might include working in a foreign country came at the end of Lent Term. I received an email from a Head Teacher of a language school I had previously worked at asking me […]


Travel the world with TEFL

Guest blog by TEFL Org UK:
TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is an incredible opportunity to travel the world whilst earning money in fun-filled, exciting and challenging role. So it’s no wonder that thousands of people in the UK are signing up every year.

Taking a TEFL course with give you skills, knowledge and certificate to teach English abroad […]


Insider tips – teaching languages abroad

Still thinking about what to do this summer? Teaching abroad could be a fantastic way to enhance your communication and project planning skills whilst giving you an opportunity to travel and experience the culture of another country.

Gracie Roman is currently studying at LSE and has outlined her experience teaching abroad below. She is studying for an MSc in Gender, […]

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    Universities have a duty to stop promoting orphanage volunteering

Universities have a duty to stop promoting orphanage volunteering

Blog by David Coles, LSE Volunteer Coordinator, trustee of KickStart Ghana, and a supporting member of the Better Volunteering, Better Care Network:

At LSE we’re incredibly passionate about volunteering and the role that students play in changing the world for the better. Our most recent research shows that almost 50% of our undergraduates volunteer during their time at LSE, something […]


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