Style Guide

  • Identify a key issue that you would like to write about and which you think reflects the values that the UK does have or should have. This could be related to something that has happened in the news (e.g. votes for 16-year-olds), or an recurring issue that is commonly discussed (e.g. equality).
  • Write a post between 500-800 words that clearly states what you believe should be included in the constitution and why you believe that it is important. Your post should consider any counter-arguments that your proposal might face and state why these counter-arguments are false. We are also more than happy to receive video submissions (uploaded to Youtube) should you wish.
  • Before submitting your post, please read our style guide and ensure that your post complies.
  • Send you completed blog, your full name, your Twitter name (if applicable), and a short (one paragraph) biography to for consideration. Should you wish to remain anonymous, please let us know.
  • The ConstitutionUK team will read your post and make any required stylistic changes.
  • Once your post is ready, the ConstitutionUK team will add it to our schedule and post it to the website.
  • For inspiration you may like to view this post from one of our readers. Although we don’t require you to format your submission in the same way (it could, for example, be an essay rather than a series of points), you may find the post helpful.

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