Constitution UK is a project underpinned by values and principles. The aim is to ensure that any future constitution is robust and defendable.

Principles are guiding frameworks for the translation of those values into practice. Here are the project’s preliminary principles. These are for debate. You may agree, you may disagree. Let us know.

  • The Principles of Representative Government

    Every important decision about our community should be made by a group of people elected by us meeting as our representatives to decide the issue in a way that they understand to be our best interests.

  • The Rule of Law

    The state should govern not through the will of its leaders or the whim of its ruler but through the law. Laws should be understandable and accessible and never retrospective. No action can be taken against anyone other than under the authority of the law. State power without law is merely a gangster in police clothing.

  • Respect for Human Rights

    The state must always in its actions respect the fundamental rights of its people. Laws are not laws where they violate this core principle. The rights of the people stand above the state, protected from abuse by passing majorities of our representatives.

ConstitutionUK is Led by:

LSE Institute of Public Affairs
The Constitution UK project has now come to an end, and we will no longer be publishing new posts on this site. However, you can still explore our blog posts.