Constitution UK is a project underpinned by values and principles. The aim is to ensure that any future constitution is robust and defendable.

Values are defined as ideas that underpin the way we see the world. Here are the project’s preliminary values. These are for debate. You may agree, you may disagree. Let us know.

  • Equality of Esteem

    Everybody in the UK is valued for themselves, individually. No-one can claim entitlement to being held in greater esteem merely because he or she is rich, or has a powerful family, or went to a particular school, or is the “right” gender or ethnicity or sexual orientation. In Britain there is no hierarchy of esteem. The human race is our elite club. Read more about the Equality of Esteem.

  • Celebration of Diversity

    In the UK we do not merely tolerate difference, we celebrate it. People don’t all do what we do but instead of being unsettled by this we delight in it – opposing political perspectives; different faiths and ethnic backgrounds; cultural practices that leave many of us mystified; the common sense of some of us seeming eccentric to others. We don’t just bump along together grumpily: we delight in our pluralism. The only ground rule is respect for the other, and it is our constitution that sets that ground rule in stone for us all to see. Read more about the Celebration of Diversity.

  • Protection of Freedoms

    The UK is a place where we are all free to do what we want. Liberty matters here. Freedom is our working assumption – we don’t and shouldn’t need the permission of the state to act – rather the state needs a good reason to stop us. And within our own homes we are free to do as we want. The old saying is, “An Englishman’s home is his castle”. Today we say, “we are all free, needing the state neither as Nanny nor Big Brother”. Read more about the Protection of Freedoms.

  • Subsidiarity

    The right place for things to be decided about our country should always be as local as possible. This is why local government matters. And even parish councils. Too much is done centrally without asking first – where is the right place for this issue to be decided? The answer is often the local community. Read more about Subsidiarity.

  • Guarantee of Human Security

    The state must do its best to guarantee a decent life for the people who live in it. This entails freedom from the fear of personal violence and the taking of your property. But it also involves the chance to lead a flourishing life, so includes the offer of a good education, the chance to work, to create success for you and your family, and then in old age and/or ill-health to be looked after until death. Read more about the Guarantee of Human Security.

  • Protection of the Family

    The primary unit in our society is not the individual it is the family. We do not think as separate entities, we think as part of something else, our family. A successful society builds its values around the family, protecting it, supporting it, drawing upon it as the key building block for a culture that works cohesively and effectively for the good of all. Read more about the Protection of the Family.

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The Constitution UK project has now come to an end, and we will no longer be publishing new posts on this site. However, you can still explore our blog posts.