A survey with 1871 respondents, ‘75% from drug prescribing professionals (n = 1402) or pharmacists (n = 469)’

“74% of the prescribers stated that the information provided by SFINX make them change their prescribing or ongoing treatment ‘sometimes’ or more often (Figure 2). The most common action was to change the choice of drug (73%) followed by informing the patient (47%) and changing the dose (36%) (Figure 3). Almost all pharmacists reported that the information makes them change their actions (93%). The most common actions by pharmacists were to contact the prescriber (64%), or to inform the patient (52%)”

Andersson, M., Y. Böttiger, P. Bastholm-Rahmner, M.-L. Ovesjö, A. Vég and B. Eiermann “Evaluation of usage patterns and user perception of the drug-drug interaction database SFINX.” International Journal of Medical Informatics (in the press). http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1386505615000271