Would like to help us in our research? Do you use social media (Facebook, Twitter) or apps on your phone or computer to help with medications? Do you home test? We’d love to hear from you.

The D3 project is looking at the way digital technologies are changing medicine – one of the ways we suggest this is happening is patient engagement with digital resources to help manage medicines.

The patient’s point of view is particularly important to us.

We want to know about your experiences using apps and social media, for information, testing, recording or emailing results, reminders (but if you want to tell us about any other uses, that would be great too).

Please reply by:

email:  e.j.dickson@lse.ac.uk
message Jane Dickson through the LSE Delivering Digital Drugs Facebook page
message via Twitter The D3 Project @ LSE   
and I will contact you with further information about interviews (by phone/skype or simply by email if you prefer).

All replies strictly in confidence.

Thanks, Jane Dickson & Ela Klecun