Data kingdoms and keys: The case of Google and the NHS

Dr Julia Powles
22 March, 4.00pm, School of Law, LG.06

For this year’s annual lecture on law and emerging technologies, we take on the valiant promises of computation and artificial intelligence – and the data deals necessary to power them. Across every field, from health and energy, to law and finance, data is the creed; the answer to everything. With a case study focusing on Google subsidiary DeepMind Technologies Ltd’s entry into the British healthcare market, we ask:
What is the public getting for these data deals?

Julia Powles is a legal researcher in the Faculty of Law and Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge. Her research focuses on the law and politics of technology, including internet regulation, data protection, privacy, and intellectual property. She holds a PhD from Cambridge, a BCL from Oxford, and undergraduate honours degrees in science and law in Australia.

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