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The Delivering Digital Drugs (D3)  project addresses the digitalisation of the chain of distribution  and consumption of medical drugs (medicines) and the emergence of what we term digital drugs.

Health care is increasingly reliant on medicines as a primary therapeutic means, and medicines are increasingly developed, delivered and regulated by reliance on associated and accompanying data and information technologies. In this sense medicines are becoming more and more digitalised, embedded in and constituted by a rich and rapidly changing data ecosystem.

  • The application to EPSRC funding for this project written in in 2013 included this  general description of the project
  • A brief introduction to the project is on the main LSE web site here (December 2014)
  • The project leaflet, intended to inform our research participants is available here as a PDF  Delivering Digital Drugs Booklet style_v4.
  • News of the project on our blog, under the D3 tag


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