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Artefact, architecture and time; Editorial in QSHC

Digitalisation of medicines: artefact, architecture and time


In an editorial in QSHC Tony Cornford and Valentina Lichtner look at current digital initiative around medicines, in particular electronic prescribing. They offer a new vision for the future based on  new  platform architectures in support of a more digitally active kind of medicines. In particular, they suggest that safety in the systems […]

The digital future beyond the pill

A recent story in the FT has the title  Digital disrupters take big pharma ‘beyond the pill’ It gives a distinctive twist to the idea of digital drugs. The argument is that a phone app or similar, as a monitoring device and as a front end to diverse networked resources including counselling, can be  a direct substitute for a […]

Vita Brevis Ars Longa: Feeding Watson on Dubious Data

Will Feeding Watson $3 Billion Worth of Healthcare Payment Data Improve its Decisions?

This  recent blog post by Ross Koppel and Frank Meissner considers if IBM Watson can really ‘crack’ healthcare, even as it munches on its gourmet diet of $3Bn worth of so called ‘data’.

Their answer is a careful ‘maybe’ .. but they are not going to get you overexcited about instant transformation. […]

Novartis on digitizing medicine in an aging world

McKinsey published an interview with Joseph Jimenez the CEO of Novartis on the theme of digitizing medicine (or is that medicines?).

Key takeaways ….biology and technology coming together as in Novartis’ work with Google on their smart contact lens … shifting from a transactional (e.g. pill as product) approach to an outcomes-based approach .

And, though it reads a bit garbled, […]

Intelligent Potato Pills

Proteus’ intelligent pill, named Helius, is designed to be swallowed with medicines. The embedded microprocessor is powered by acid in the stomach in same way as a potato battery. The pill  can then monitor patients’ medication use, compliance with doctors’ instructions or report vital signs. Read more here in a Nature article from 2012.

Big pharma and smart devices

An article on the Financial Times, commenting on Google links with Novartis, to develop a “smart” contact lens designed to help diabetics track their blood sugar levels.

It also mentions the “electroceuticals” – “implants that use electronic impulses to affect and modify the functions of the body”

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Fighting fake drugs with high-tech solutions

An article on how technology is used to counter medicines counterfeits, including
mPedigree – HP joint venture for drug authentication

and in closing:
“… academics, regulators and industry are rolling out new technologies to try and get a step ahead of the counterfeiters. But even the technologies’ inventors admit that nothing can replace a properly functioning national pharmaceutical regulatory […]

New book: big data / raw data

Gitelman, Lisa. Raw Data Is an Oxymoron. MIT Press, 2013.

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Ten digital pharma failures

A blog post by Dom Marchant & Matt Lowe, on how “digital is no longer a bolt-on, but the predominant channel within pharma”, and ten things not to do in the business..

Read more at:

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Pharma trade bodies and EU pharmacovigilance fees

News from Pharma Times, Feb 24 2014

Industry concern over EU pharmacovigilance fees

“The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), the European Generic medicines Association (EGA), the European biotech industry (EuropaBio), the Association of the European Self-Medication Industry (AESGP) and the European Confederation of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs (EUCOPE) have issued a joint statement about their concerns for “the increasing […]

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