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    What is the public getting for data deals? Public Lecture 22 March, 2017

What is the public getting for data deals? Public Lecture 22 March, 2017

Data kingdoms and keys: The case of Google and the NHS

Dr Julia Powles
22 March, 4.00pm, School of Law, LG.06

For this year’s annual lecture on law and emerging technologies, we take on the valiant promises of computation and artificial intelligence – and the data deals necessary to power them. Across every field, from health and energy, to law and finance, […]

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DigiHealth UK: Enhancing the Patient’s Journey

Conference Announcement

DigiHealth UK: Enhancing the Patient’s Journey
Thursday 2nd March 2017 Royal National Hotel, London

Assessing Progress of the Digital Health Agenda
Looking for the Centre of Global Digital Excellence
Helping Vulnerable People Improve their Digital Health Skills
Technology Enabled Remote Consultations
How can new technology ensure sustainability of the NHS?
The Power of eHealthcare and Big Data
Exploring Internet Enabled Technologies to Deliver Prosperity and Social […]

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Google and Patient Data

Further to our blog post last week, Google is now being investigated by the data protection watchdog: the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) over it’s data deal between the Royal Free Hospital Trust and DeepMind.

The investigation results from ‘at least’ one complaint received over the anonymising of data. While the Hospital Trust declare that all data is anonymised in transit and […]

Google’s access to healthcare data

The Guardian reports that AI firm DeepMind (a Google owned company) has been provided with patient information from up to 1.6 million patients. This has been done to enable an alert system to be developed to prevent kidney failure and involves patients at three hospitals in the Royal Free NHS trust.

Some have raised alarms at Google’s move into the health industry, however, everyone is assured […]

Trust and Data Sharing

The Wellcome Trust has issued their in-depth analysis of the use of health data.

They commissioned Ipsos MORI to interviewed a representative sample of 2,017 adults across Great Britain aged 16 and over.

The research highlights how little the general public know about how health data is collected, used and stored and how concerned many people are about secondary uses by […]

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Vita Brevis Ars Longa: Feeding Watson on Dubious Data

Will Feeding Watson $3 Billion Worth of Healthcare Payment Data Improve its Decisions?

This  recent blog post by Ross Koppel and Frank Meissner considers if IBM Watson can really ‘crack’ healthcare, even as it munches on its gourmet diet of $3Bn worth of so called ‘data’.

Their answer is a careful ‘maybe’ .. but they are not going to get you overexcited about instant transformation. […]

Towards patient-driven data exchanges

As patients strive to manage their own health and illnesses, many wonder how to get a copy of their health data to share with their physicians, load into apps, donate to researchers, link to their genomic data, or have on hand just in case.
Kenneth D. Mandl,  and Isaac S. Kohane, (2016) Time for a Patient-Driven Health Information Economy? N […]

Is the Cloud still the Future?

Tony Cornford has been cited as expert in an article about Cloud Adoption, entitled ‘Is the Cloud still the Future?’ in Insights (Volume 4).

Asked about the extent of cloud use in the NHS in the UK, he talks about how it is vital to innovation, but also explains the difficultly in determining the extent to which cloud based services […]

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NESTA prediction for citizen’s science

One of NESTA 10 predictions for 2016 is: patients becoming citizen scientists and health going to be crowdsourced:

Patients become citizen scientists
​2016 will bring a new generation of digitally-enabled and patient-led research, says John Loder

Crowdsourced health
This new data is produced, owned and controlled by patients. So it will be accessed on their terms – as active participants rather than passive […]

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Big Data exhibition at Somerset House

Big Bang Data, a new exhibition at Somerset House, London – 03 Dec 2015 — 28 Feb 2016


Health and Patients are a Big part of this:

How can data improve our health?


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