Artefact, architecture and time; Editorial in QSHC

Digitalisation of medicines: artefact, architecture and time


In an editorial in QSHC Tony Cornford and Valentina Lichtner look at current digital initiative around medicines, in particular electronic prescribing. They offer a new vision for the future based on  new  platform architectures in support of a more digitally active kind of medicines. In particular, they suggest that safety in the systems […]

ETP in Europe: the case of UK, Estonia, Denmark, and Sweden

A report has just been published with cross-country comparison of implementations of electronic transmission of prescriptions: “European e-Prescriptions: Benefits and Success Factors”, by Ulrike Deetjen.

The report describes the economic, health, and societal benefits of e-prescriptions, within different policy structures. Based on previous evidence and expert interviews for case studies of Estonia, the United Kingdom, Denmark, and Sweden, it derives […]

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    Hub and Spoke Dispensing: Privacy and Sociotechnical Rigidity

Hub and Spoke Dispensing: Privacy and Sociotechnical Rigidity

In a previous post, we noted how a hub and spoke model for community pharmacy had been promoted on the basis of a limited safety case. The hub and spoke model that was described was one in which items would be assembled at a hub site that would serve a number of dispensing sites, such as community pharmacies. Although […]

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    News on state and future of ePrescribing in English NHS hospitals

News on state and future of ePrescribing in English NHS hospitals

A ‘bleak picture’, for the DigitalHealth.net article of the 9th of June.

19% of NHS hospitals use e-prescribing for 60% or more of inpatient prescribing
38% of England’s 154 acute trusts had implemented e-prescribing, and 25% had implemented e-prescribing with clinical decision support (2015 data).

“Trusts that have been using e-prescribing the longest have the poorest use. Those coming up from behind […]

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Accelerating access to new drugs in Japan

Writing in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, Yasuhiro Fujiwara outlines developments in Japan to reduce the time required for new therapeutic drugs to gain marketing authorisation.

Fujiwara notes that Japan historically has taken longer than the United States and the European Union to give marketing approval for therapeutic drugs. Over the course of the last 20 years approval times have been […]

State of digital maturity in English NHS Trusts

NHS England has completed a Digital Maturity Assessment:
Digital Maturity Assessment measures the extent to which healthcare services in England are supported by the effective use of digital technology. […]

The visual summary from a national perspective shows each organisation’s results for the three main themes of the self-assessment: readiness, capabilities and infrastructure:

Readiness: covering strategic alignment, leadership, resourcing, governance and information […]

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Conference on IT in the NHS and national budget plans

Here an announcement of a Westminster Health Forum Keynote Seminar to take place on 9th February 2016. With its links, it offers a good summary of recent developments in NHS IT and policy.


Westminster Health Forum Keynote Seminar
Electronic patient records and IT in the NHS: commissioning, information governance and implementing the Personalised Health and Care 2020 Framework
Tuesday, 9th February 2016 […]

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Patient choice: choices are made in context

Okay, technically this is not about drugs.  But this article is a powerful reminder of the social determinants of health and the limits of attempting to inform public health/policy making with research.
(And the influence of context on health, matters to precision medicine).

Robyn Toomath: I quit. After 14 years fighting New Zealand’s obesity crisis, nothing’s changed: I now believe civil […]

Collective health versus individual-target therapies

“…health differences between groups and within groups are not driven by clinical care but by social-structural factors that shape our lives.”
Bayer R, and Galea S. Public Health in the Precision-Medicine Era. New England Journal of Medicine. 2015;373(6):499-501. http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMp1506241?rss=searchAndBrowse

With an audio interview with the author on the NEJM website.

making the public healthy is different from the sum of the provision […]

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White House antibiotic summit and related initiatives

A blog on the summit on antibiotic resistance held by the White House on the 2nd of June 2015, with a summary of the day and links to resources about related White House initiatives and policies:

Today: Obama White House Convenes First Antibiotic Summit, by Maryn McKenna, on National Geographic: http://phenomena.nationalgeographic.com/2015/06/02/wh-summit-1/