‘IT’ gets man wrongly arrested for prescription fraud

A man presented a legitimate prescription (signed by a out-of-hours service doctor) at a community pharmacy in November last year. Pharmacy contacted the out-of-hours service then called the police.
The board papers show the pharmacy contacted IC24 who “confirmed no record of the patient being seen by an IC24 doctor”.

However, subsequently IC24 changed its view and said that the prescription was […]

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$1 million for a drug used once

This is a story of precision medicines and their value.

The drug is alipogene tiparvovec (aka Glybera). Approved in 2012, it is “a medicine widely heralded as the “first gene therapy” in the Western world” – a treatment to correct DNA.
But when the Berlin physician Elisabeth Steinhagen-Thiessen wanted to give a patient Glybera last fall, it wasn’t so easy. She […]

Economic impact of electronic prescribing in the hospital setting: A systematic review

The value that digitalization of medicines brings to hospital care is often expressed in monetary terms, as part of business cases to support implementation.

The recently published systematic review from Ahmed et al found some evidence of economic benefits from ePrescribing implementation, but paucity of good quality research in this area.

Ahmed, Z., Barber, N., Jani, Y., Garfield, S. and Franklin, […]

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Market prices, Market games

September 3: a paper in NEJM about drug companies claiming the First Amendment (free speech) to advertise drugs to patients beyond FDA regulation.

September 21: on The Guardian the news of a drug company raising the price 50 times (from $13.50 a pill to $750), and of Clinton’s campaign against it.

September 29: BBC Radio4 FileOn4 ‘Missing Medicines’ about the NHS […]

Getting drugs to patients faster – the Accelerated Access Review

Last week, on the 15 of July (2015), the UK government launched an accelerated access engagement website seeking views on how to accelerate access to medicines in the NHS (open until September).

The initiative is supported by the Wellcome Trust and led by Sir Hugh Taylor, Chair of Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, who describes the expected benefits of […]

On the value of medicines – a NICE perspective

In our research we are concerned with the value of medicines. Michael D Rawlins’ account of the National Institute for Clinical Excellence’s early years and founding principles is inspiring. It reminds us that judging value of medicines in the NHS involves judgements about science and social value judgments to do with ‘distributive justice’, here expressed in the form of […]

UK Gov. struggles as both regulator and sponsor of the pharmaceutical industry

In this age of austerity the NHS drug budget has a clear opportunity cost to add to the total of ~£12bn expenditure.  But a profitable pharmaceutical industry can contribute to economic growth and export income.
The UK government is anxious to retain and enhance our domestic science base, incentivising investment from domestic and overseas companies by using a variety of […]

Novartis on digitizing medicine in an aging world

McKinsey published an interview with Joseph Jimenez the CEO of Novartis on the theme of digitizing medicine (or is that medicines?).

Key takeaways ….biology and technology coming together as in Novartis’ work with Google on their smart contact lens … shifting from a transactional (e.g. pill as product) approach to an outcomes-based approach .

And, though it reads a bit garbled, […]

Don’t keep taking the tablets – from the Guardian, 25 May 2015

Does paracetamol do you more harm than good?

The US and UK are reviewing guidance on paracetamol (sales and prescribing) based on recent research.

““Paracetamol can actually be a very dangerous drug,” says Dr John Dickson, who retired from general practice in Northallerton, North Yorkshire, last year. “It can cause kidney and liver problems, and causes as much gastrointestinal bleeding as […]

Value : the “sweet spot” for guiding decisions

The many stakeholders of healthcare have different reasons to seek innovation. Value is what all comes down to.

“Patients, physicians, health systems, payers, and the diagnostics and pharmaceutical industries share interests in precision medicine, although such interests are not fully aligned. […]”

“There is a sweet spot where the interests of various stakeholders in the health care sector converge — it […]