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Dr Tony Cornford

Tony Cornford is Associate Professor of Information Systems in the Department of Management at LSE and Principal Investigator of the D3 Project. His research interests range are across the field of eHealth and eGovernment and include work on evaluation, on open source procurement and process, and of course on medicines as a new digital technology.

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Dr Ela Klecun


Ela Klecun is Co-Investigator on the project. She is Assistant Professor of Information Systems in the Department of Management at LSE. She received both her MSc and PhD from LSE and works on health information systems and telehealth, evaluation of information systems, digital exclusion and e-literacy to which she applies critical theory and sociotechnical approaches.

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Dr Will Venters


Will Venters is an Assistant Professor within the Department of Management at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences. His research focuses on the distributed development of widely distributed computing systems adopting a socio-technical perspective towards such systems. He has researched the organisation of distributed work and systems in various organisations including government-related organisations, the construction industry, telecoms, financial services, health, and even particle physicists at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

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Dr Valentina Lichtner


Our Principle Researcher is Valentina Lichtner, a Senior Research Fellow in the School of Healthcare, at Leeds University. An experienced qualitative researcher in health informatics and user-centred design, her background is in human-computer interaction, software engineering, and economics. Her research interests are: health information systems and policy; complexity and socio-technical systems; values and design; patient safety and the ‘situated embodied mind’ and its implications for system design.

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Dr Ralph Hibberd


Ralph Hibberd is a research officer on the team. He  holds a bachelors degree in psychology, a masters in ergonomics and a PhD for work examining the evaluation of computer-based training. He has worked in and around the domain of complex human-machine systems for the last decade. Ralph’s research interests include: distributed cognition and collaborative working; mechanisms and scope of organisational learning; risk perception and trust and safety in complex systems.

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Dr Jane Dickson



Research Officer Jane Dickson completed her undergraduate degree in visual anthropology at Temple University, Philadelphia and her MA and PhD in the material, visual and digital section of the anthropology department of University College London. She has researched in a wide and varied range of contexts including the private sector and in local authority, commercial, community and social settings. Her interests outside of the materiality of medicine and the digital include the anthropology of sustainability, policy and ecotopia, especially in urban contexts.

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