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Patient’s Barcodes

An article here suggests that six Trusts have been selected to introduce patient barcoding. Patients admitted to hospital will be issued with bracelets with barcodes. This is intended to reduce errors and increase efficiency.

There is also a nifty video explaining how this will work.


Intelligent Potato Pills

Proteus’ intelligent pill, named Helius, is designed to be swallowed with medicines. The embedded microprocessor is powered by acid in the stomach in same way as a potato battery. The pill  can then monitor patients’ medication use, compliance with doctors’ instructions or report vital signs. Read more here in a Nature article from 2012.

Definitions: Efficacy, Effectiveness, Efficiency

Borrowing from
John Marley, Professor, Department of General Practice, University of Adelaide, Adelaide
Aust Prescr 2000;23:114-5

Efficacy –  can a treatment work?
As in a clinical trial, i.e. in ideal circumstance of a controlled trial population.

Effectiveness – ‘the extent to which a drug achieves its intended effect in the usual clinical setting’

Effectiveness “can be evaluated through observational studies of real practice”; local and […]

Defining and demonstrating clinical utility in the era of personalized medicine

Lesko LJ, Zineh I, Huang SM: What Is Clinical Utility and Why Should We Care? Clin Pharmacol Ther 2010, 88(6):729-733.

…This issue of Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics addresses the complexities and challenges of defining and demonstrating clinical utility in the era of personalized medicine. “Utility” is a term that is ubiquitously used in fields ranging from economics to medicine. Broadly […]

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