Warfarin History Timeline

One of the presentations on the workshop Digital Transformations in Healthcare held recently at LSE was on the material and digital transformations of warfarin. The poster prepared for this event is too large to upload on this site but is available here:

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New video – Warfarin: an informed and digital drug

Recently, we filmed an interview with Nick Barber, Pharmacist and Professor Emeritus at University College London. Our interviewer is Ralph Hibberd, one of our D3 team members. The interview is presented in three parts: Warfarin and the Pharmaceutical Gaze, Warfarin and the New Medicines Service and Warfarin as a Digital Drug.

You will find all our videos under the menu […]

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Wearable Parkinson’s system gets CE marking

“It can give the patient a little more confidence that their symptoms are being monitored, as a clinician I can get an independent and objective idea of what a patient’s motor symptoms are like.” Article here:

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Warfarin: Testing at Home

Here is the second in our series of short films on aspects of warfarin.

Warfarin is the chief oral anticoagulant of its kind in use in the UK and is used by 1% of the UK population approximately 600,000 people and by 6% of people over 80. Testing at home is revolutionizing the care of patients as they can test […]

Trusts quizzed to become digital excellence centres

26 NHS Trusts will be entered and 16 awarded up to £10 million in order to become ‘centres of global digital excellence’.

As the money will be allocated based on the progress of digital strategies already in place within the Trusts and not on need, there is a danger that the digital divide will soon include hospital Trusts.

Article here

Analogue to digital radiology

Interesting article on moving to digital radiology and the promise of integration.

It gets quite technical towards the end, so be warned!

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Exciting technology for sick kids

Here’s some great news for hospitalised kids.
Robots for Good have developed the InMoov 3D printed human size robot which children can control from their hospital beds to move around the zoo (or potentially, anywhere else) and interact  with (see, hear and touch) the world they are unable to visit. The new robot will be donated to Great Ormond Street Children’s […]

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